Slow fashion manifesto

It’s time to join the fashion revolution – commit to the five steps below and join a community of game changers ready to take a stand. We’ll send you Perspective – a monthly newsletter sharing thoughts on faith, justice and how to change the world, straight to your inbox. 

5 Commitments to Slow Fashion


Buy better, less often

The less we buy, the lower our carbon footprint. That’s less damaging to the climate and means less negative impact on people living in poverty.


Know the full picture

When we see the whole context, we can make informed decisions and pray for change. Do you know where your money goes? Is it reaching the garment makers or staying with high street brands?


Planet and people over profits

Choose ways to shop that help people living in poverty over simply inflating the bank balances of big organisations. Shop local, shop second hand, and shop through social enterprise.


Use your influence

Use your influence for good. Provoke change through your choices about where you spend your money, what you promote on social media, and how you lobby people in power.


Repair, reuse, recycle

It takes 2,700 litres of water just to make a T-shirt. Garment factories have a giant carbon footprint! Give your clothes a second life and break the fast fashion cycle.


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