Meet Birungi

Your purchases can help more people like Birungi, who is using fashion to build herself a better future.

Birungi lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where, very often, girls miss out on school. Instead, they stay at home to look after their siblings, and when they reach adulthood, a husband is chosen for them. They become his property.

But Birungi’s story is different: she was saved by a sewing machine.

Her uncle heard of a training centre run by Tearfund’s local partner, Action Entraide, and encouraged her to apply.

She was accepted and began learning a handful of skills – including sewing and running a business. She started making clothes, she sewed, she earned and she saved. Then she invested in a pig and a cow, and alongside her clothing business she has the potential to breed cattle and become economically independent.

This is just the beginning for Birungi, and it’s amazing how fashion and clothing helped her pursue a different story – one with hope and opportunity.

Unfortunately it’s not the same for everyone. In the DRC alone, only 28% of girls have the opportunity of attending high school*. Too many lives remain broken.

We want to tell many more stories of hope, and you can help us reach people just like Birungi, equipping them to build a brighter future.

For every piece of clothing you buy, a donation will be made to support Tearfund’s work in places like the Democratic Republic of Congo and elsewhere. When you choose what to wear, you have the chance to change the world, one t-shirt at a time.

* UNICEF figures