Perspective Sweater

A comfortable, soft, loose fit. The model is 5ft10 and wearing a medium. If you prefer a tighter fit, order one size smaller than usual. The most sustainable clothes are the ones you already own. If you don’t need a new jumper just yet, bookmark this page and come back when you do.

Transparent pricing

Materials & Labour £14.50
Print & Design £4.60
Packaging & Logistics £2.15
Value-Added Tax (VAT) £5.65
Life-changing donation £7.00
Total £33.90


A note from the designer

“I've been thinking a lot about the way we all have quite a narrow vision of how the world works, and that narrow vision means we're often not looking at the whole picture. Like the way they say "history is always written by the winners". That kind of thing makes our future so limited, seeing through the eyes of people who are all the same. A much better way to look at the world is to combine our different perspectives so we get rid of our blind spots and get a better understanding of how we can build a better world for everyone. So the design is about just that: seeing the same world from different perspectives. ” — Dan Preston


Four ways to keep your clothes in tip-top condition


Wash it less

On behalf of your friends, please do wash it when it smells! But think about everything your clothes go through tumbling around in your washing machine. Only put them through that when they need it


Turn it inside out

When you wash dark clothes, turning them inside out helps the colour from fading


Fold don't hang

If you hang your clothes up in the wardrobe there’s extra strain on the fabric. If you can, fold it up and keep it on a shelf


Learn basic mending

You don’t need a degree in textiles to be able to mend small holes. We expect our quality clothing to last, but in the rare instance of wear and tear, a bit of thread and a needle will give your clothes a second chance!